Conneticut Heartbreak

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I am so saddened and appalled by the tragedy that has taken so many wonderful and important lives away from this earth… from the very people that loved them so deeply. Innocent lives gone too soon… My prayers are with the families and friends, and loved ones.
There are no words to express the pain they must feel.
There are no words we can say to ease them.
Our duty now, is to stand by and be an ear- to hear them, a shoulder- to cry on, and
a heart- to show compassion and understanding for what they have and will endure.
Please know that my prayers will be with each one of the family.

Love to All.

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I remember during childhood the anticipation of Halloween. The energy was always high and fun. Painted faces, colorful clothing, glistening eye lashes, swords, wings, and ALL sorts of contraptions needed to accessorize your outfit were in full sight.
There was nothing like getting dressed up for a night of fun, pranks and FREE CANDY!
Even as an adult, I dare to say, I love seeing the children in their costumes ready to brave the dark night in search of treats galore. I still find it quite the treat myself, in lieu of candy, to watch the youngsters having fun.
Halloween has its traditions, downsides and people have opinions about the holiday and what it means…But, for a child, they don’t consider any of that. To a child, it’s about getting dressed up and making their way from house to house in their best costumes!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Updates for August 19, 2012

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So…. I actually stopped print on Blood and Dreams and She Woke The Dead.  I am thinking about revamping them, and adding in book @ on each one for a future relaunch….  But, for now, we will have to see.

In other news:  Up from the Ashes is half done, and The Black Woods is still a Work in Progress (WIP)  even though I already have the cover for the Black Woods… and a wonderful friend who agreed to be my cover model for the entire word to know as:  Grace Stone, my MC!

Thanks to Maria Amanda Schaub for being the perfect, Grace!!!  I will upload a synopsis of that book at a later date.   Love ya! xoxo

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I’m inviting all writers and friends to join me over at the website.
You can read and critique authors stories, and upload your own work for evaluation.
You never know when YOU- yourself just might make the editors desk with Harper Collins!
:) Happy Reading and Writing everyone!

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The Black Woods

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The Black Woods

The Black Woods

The Black Woods are filled with dark magic and they are no place for a human. 

Grace was abandoned by her parents in the magical and forbidden Black Woods as an infant.

On a quest, the Ice King seeks safe passage through the dark forest. In order to do so safely, a bargain has to be made.

In an effort to find the child a “human home” a Sorceress agrees to allow safe passage to the king, providing he takes the child to raise.

What the king didn’t know, was that one day her people would come looking for her.
Grace, a member of the Debowan clan, was promised at birth to marry another, and she refuses to leave the Ice Kingdom or Prince Avery- who holds the keys to her heart.

Much Love,



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Passionate about how children with disabilities are treated.

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Ok, so this blog was supposed to start off with some type of problem or topic. Seemingly, the only one I can think of is how much I despise how society treats children with disorders.
My son has Complex Tourette Syndrome. I have watched him struggle with this disorder and the complex disorders associated with it since he was four. Unknowingly, the little things that used to make me think he “just wasn’t listening,” or didn’t WANT to behave were actually precursors to the disability.
I have fought as his advocate for years to help my child function in school, home and in public. The biggest and hardest situations have always been with the public school system, and his rights under the Disability act.
Developing and IEP that the school would actually carry out has been a task in itself.
I have found that public schools are often inept in dealing with children with disabilities or behavior disorders, and seem to think they are right in all their thought processes instead of the parent or the actual child.
IEP’s are not being followed, or are so losely followed that it seems to harm the child rather than help them.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty good educators out there. I just haven’t ran across many who actually cared about “helping,” the child and making their students academic progress their first priority.
Often, children with disabilities are so misunderstood! People in “authority,” seem to throw them aside due to their busy schedules with children who don’t have problems; often favoring “normal,” children.
It disgusts me. All children, disabled or not, deserve to be treated fairly and equally.
Under law, children with disabilities should be placed in a public school setting with the- least restrictive enviroment. They should have their IEP’s followed. These children should be treated with respect and dignity and not pushed aside as “problems.”
I seem to be showing my anger at the moment…
Although, I have to say, it seems warranted.
There needs to be a greater movement to enforce the care and concern of children with disabilities, behavioral, physical and neurological… if i left any out, please let me know.
Parents need to come out and make sure their voices are heard…afterall, nine times out of ten, they are the sole voice of their disabled child!

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First Blog post

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Hello everyone! I will be putting up a new blog later… Just wanted to say a quick hello!

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Hello world!

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It’s me!!!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!  :)

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